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World Cup Wahala: Actress Jemima Osunde Smacks Troll About Davido Performing in Qatar

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

. Nollywood actress Jemima Osunde picks a fight for Davido on tweeter after a tweep launched an insensitive poll against the Afrobeats artist

. A screenshot making the rounds on social media captured the response she gave a tweep who tried to stir arguments around Davido’s performance in Qatar

. Netizens join the MTV Shuga star to criticize a social media user who has refused to delete their post

Budding Nollywood actress, Jemima Osunde, does not take it lightly when she calls out a tweep for accusing Davido of moving on so fast in the absence of his son, Ifeanyi Adeleke.

The tweep identified as @youngerikina_1 took to Twitter on Sunday, December 18, to cast a poll on whether the bereaved father has moved on quickly with regard to the sudden death of his beloved son.

The notorious handler tweeted under Davido’s debut post since the death of his son.

See the tweet below:

Many Twitter users have shown disagreement with the initial notion of the tweet.

However, actress Jemima considered the poll insensitive, which led to her genuine outrage at the Twitter account.

Nigerians react as Jemima smacks troll over Davido


"Chai!! So na only “Idi0t” actress Jemima fit call this guy!"


"Should he be living in grief forever? beside him performing and also smiling with his wife doesn’t mean he is still not in shock or heartbroken about his loss.. RIP baby Ifeanyi and a fast recovery to Davido and Chioma amen."


"Ha!!! Which parents would be happy burying a child pls? I don’t know how y’all reason sometimes to be honest. Sometimes, a smiling face doesn’t necessarily mean they are happy in the inside. It’s well."


"I mean it is obvious someone like you have no purpose in life no ambition no intentions to be a greater valued person you will have one phone and one dark room and sit inside it and think of someone to troll because of likes and comments but still yet your life can’t move forward."


"Why would he say that?"


"Some people with low IQ if he wanted to know if he actually forgot so fast when u born beat ham till he/she die."

Real Estate company displays Davido's beach house

meanwhile, Youth Hekima previously reported that Real Estate company, GidiCribs, shared a video of Davido's massive beach house back in August when it was still undergoing construction.

Nigerian singer Davido Adeleke no doubt had massive plans for the end of 2022, but things took an unexpected turn for him after the sudden demise of his son, Ifeanyi, in October.

From indications, Davido’s plans of launching the luxury property in 2022 have been halted as there have been no updates about it, Source: Youth Hekima

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