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What To Do Your Boyfriend To Make Him Want You All The Time.

These are 12 things you will do to make your boyfriend want you all the time.

1. Follow all the instructions that your boyfriend gives you.

2. Don't like to make him sad especially when he saw you.

3. Try to ask him how he is to know whether is fine or not.

4. Don't ask him to give you money all the time because it will make your boyfriend live you and forget about you.

5. Make him happy when he is with you.

6. Have respect for him try to be greeting him and ask him how is your day and how is your work.

7. Tell him the truth do not lie to him.

8. Do not allow him to do all things for you, try to help him sometimes.

9. Try to be asking him what he likes and what he does not like.

10. Make yourself to be clean all the time.

11. Do not do anything that will make him jealous.

12. Call him the name he will like.

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