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What To Do When Your Car Break Fails.

This Are What To Do When Your Car Break Fails.

It is very important to know more than just driving your car without thinking of a mechanical fault that can happen at any time that is why you have to read this and know what to do when your car break fails.

1. The first thing to do is calm yourself down, When you calm down you can think of these things I'm about to tell you now.

pressure your break, You have to pump your break, press your break, and Keep matching the brake pedal to build some pressure on the brake system.

So this brake failure sometimes can be due to maybe there being no Hydraulic fluid in the system so probably the pressure that is supposed to build up in your system makes your brake respond is no longer there so pumping your brake will temporarily build pressure in your brake system that is one.

2. You have to try to see how you can pull your handbrake gradually.

Yes, you don't pull your handbrake like you want to drive your car no.

So whenever you find yourself in this situation when your brake doesn't respond, you have tried everything doesn't work out, try your handbrake, try pulling your handbrake gradually till you can find your car slowing down gradually you clear off the road that is what you can do.

3. If you are driving a manual transmission vehicle and this happens when you are on the express I would advise you if you can shift your gear gradually from let's say gear if you are driving on gear five(5) you can shift it down to gear four(4) gear three(3) down to gear one(1) or if you can shift it directly from gear five(5) down to gear one(1) to slow the movement of your car that particular time the to see how you reduce the speed even if at all there is anything that wants to happen after that but damages that will be very very minimal at that time so you have to shift your gear if you drive a manual transmission vehicle please take note you don't do that on automatic if you drive a manual transmission vehicle you have to shift your gear from gear five(5) to maybe gear one(1) or gear two(2) to reduce the speed of the car at that particular time.

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