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Top 5 Biggest Shark In The World.

This is the top 5 biggest Shark in the World.

1. Whale shark.

The whale shark is the first biggest shark in the world.

Reliably measuring 18.8 meters or nearly 62 feet long

2. Basking shark.

The largest basking shark ever.

Reliably measured was 12.27 meters long.

3. Tiger shark.

Tiger sharks are the third biggest shark in the world.

It has been measured at over 7.4 meters.

4. White shark.

The white shark is the largest reliably measured great white shark.

It was just over seven meters long that's about 23 feet.

5. Greenland shark.

The Greenland shark is the longest-lived vertebrate animal in the world.

It has been measured at 6.4 meters.

See all the top 5 biggest sharks in the world in the video below.

Watch here

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