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Top 5 African Countries In The World.

These Are The Top 5 African Countries In The World.

1. Ethiopia.

Ethiopia Africa is a place you can get coffee culture is unlike anywhere else they serve it in tiny cups because it is so strong. Check the Top 10 Peaceful African Countries.

2. Algeria.

The first thing that comes to mind is Djemila the ancient Roman city that was built thousands of years ago. YOU will like to know the 10 Poorest Countries In Africa.

3. Kenya.

Kenya it is home to the best safaris in the world with 24 national parks my favorites are Amboseli and Massi Mara where you can see the great. Wildebeest migration. Just watch the 2023 Country with Largest Population In Africa.

4. Somalia.

Somalia is a place that people are scared to visit but I love it you can check out the ancient Laas geel rock art hang out at the Berber beaches or explore the camel markets of Hargeisa.

5. South Africa.

Johannesburg does have a reputation for being dangerous but I love the vibe there plus, Kruger national park in the north is my favorite national park in Africa. Read the Richest Countries In Africa 2023.

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