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Top 10 Oldest Countries In The World.

These Are The Top 10 Oldest Countries In The World.

1. Egypt {6000 BC}.

Egypt can blame its long history on the Nile River which has kept the Egyptian people fed for millennia you guys don't understand how old Egypt is by the time Cleopatra one of the most famous rulers of Egypt was on the throne at Pyramid of Giza to be ancient . You will like to check also the 5 Highest Smoking Countries In The World.

2. India {3300 BC}.

India's history begins with the Indus Valley beginning of Hinduism and Buddhism.

3. Afghanistan {3000 BC}.

Afghanistan the Indus Valley civilization set up one of the oldest cities in modern-day Afghanistan.

4. China {2070 BC}.

China from rebellions that killed 30 million people to an army of rock soldiers thousands strong china has one of the longest and most interesting histories of any country.

5. Georgia {1500 BC}.

Georgia traces its history back to the kingdom of Colchis which was first mentioned in Greek texts.

6. Ethiopia {980 BC}.

Ethiopia we find the oldest human remains in Ethiopia date back millions of years but the first kingdom was established in 980 BC.

7. Greece {800 BC}

Greece We can credit a lot of inventions to ancient Greece but the most prominent one is in the invention of democracy.

8. Japan {660 BC}.

japan cites 660 as their information as that's when the first Emperor of Japan took the throne. Do you know that Japan follow the Top 10 Countries With The Most YouTube Users In The World 2023.

9. Persia Iran {550 BC}.

Persia Iran was renamed Iran in 1935 but it has a long history of Empires behind this.

10. San Marino {310 AD}.

San Marino is often cited as its independence hasn't been interrupted since 310AD it also has the world's oldest constitution. Check the Top 10 Countries With The Highest Salaries In The World.

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