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Top 10 Most Dangerous Airport In The World.

These Are The Top 10 Most Dangerous Airport In The World.

1. Lukla Airport In Nepal.

Lukla Airport is known as the first dangerous airport in the world. The owner of Lukla airport is Tenzing-Hillary and he is also the governor of Nepal country.

The Lukla airport airplane is not supposed to move when the weather is so bad because of

a crash, all you have to do when the weather is not good is wait a long time to fly. The environment is too small.

The Lukla airport is small in the town of Lukla Khumbu Pasanglhamu, Solukhumbu District, Koshi Province of Nepal. The airport was built in 1964.

2. Toncontin International Airport In Honduras.

Toncontin International Airport is a small airport many airplanes are cracked mostly times because of the tough runaway to land it is a very dangerous airport to land.

The airport is located about 6km from the city center in south Tegucigalpa. It was built in 1921.

3. Princess Juliana International Airport On St. Martin Martin.

The weather there is so hot and the airport is not working properly. Princess Juliana international airport was built on March 4, 1994.

The airplane is very dangerous when it landed at Princess Juliana Airport in Saint Martin in MSFS 2020.

4. Paro Airport In Bhutan.

international airport in Paro, Bhutan is located in a picturesque area, in between the mountains.

The environment there is so small but it's easy to get in and out and also the weather in Paro airport is like to be cool all the time. The Indian Border Roads

The organization built the Paro airport in 1968.

5. Courchevel Airport In France.

Courchevel airplane in France is a very dangerous airport in the world. The runway is steep and extremely short.

The airport is breathtaking in sunny weather, high in the mountains, the airplane is circled every day. The airport was built in 1961.

6. Madeira Airport Portugal Funchal Airport.

Madeira Airport Portugal Funchal Airport is so close to the edge. And it also has cool weather but the place has a small environment.

The airport is considered one of the most challenging approaches to land, due to high winds and short runway. The airport was built on July 8, 1964.

7. Saba Airport In the Caribbean Netherlands.

Saba Airport In Caribbean Netherlands is known for landing on the shortest runway in the world. The place is too small and the weather is very cool.

Saba is the smallest island in the world that has 5 square miles. The airport was built on July 24, 1963. The Saba Airport In Caribbean Netherlands is also the smallest in the world.

8. Barra Airport In Scotland.

Barra Airport is believed to be the only one in the world where flights use a tidal beach as the runway. Barra Airport opening in 1936 is located in Barra Na h-Eileanan Siar.

The airport is the only one in the world where airplanes use the beach as runaways. During high tides, the three runways at Barra airport are under the sea, and flight times need to be adjusted to avoid high tides.

During the night, there are no lights, and if there are any emergency flights, the airplane lights are used for illumination while landing or takeoff.

9. Kansai International Airport Japan.

Kansai International Airport Japan was located on an artificial island in the middle of Osaka Bay, 39 km. And it was built in September 1994.

10. Gibraltar International Airport.

Gibraltar International Airport is known as North front airport and It's very easy to get in, a small airport, and fast. At the airport, you can drive your car over a runway that has both ends covered by the sea.

The 1676-meter runway runs across the Gibraltar Main Entry Highway, and there are specific restrictions in place to regulate when people can cross the runway and when airplanes can cross the road.

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