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The Untold Truth About Money: How To Build Wealth From Nothing

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

Do not start a business if you have not read this. If you have started doing business read this to discover the key to unlocking wealth creation. Money was created by humans however, trade existed before money as we know it today was created.

The truth about money has been kept secret by the few in our society designed to keep people ignorant of it.

Imagine back in the days our ancestors traded by Barter, where goods where directly exchanged with other goods. This was considered the oldest form of commerce. This system did not require the coins or paper money we have today. It was centered on value. Solving problems for each other.

However, it posed many serious problems, like the lack of common measure of values, no storage of value, double coincidence of wants etc. Hence our money today was created for easy trade, for easy exchange of values.

Obviously, what matters about creating wealth is mastering the act of creating high demand values for people. Problems would always be there in the marketplace, people are constantly seeking for solutions to their problems. The more solution you can provide the more money you will accumulate. Focus on solving very difficult problems.

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