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The little girl shape of her lips in the video has made people to laugh loud in TikTok.

A beautiful little girl who was throwing a kiss to her mother has gone viral because of the way she did it

A 6 seconds video of a little girl throwing her mum a kiss has recieved no fewer than 2.1 million likes on TikTok.

The video has also got over 12.1 million views some 48 hours after it was posted by @fatimaflatt.

The video opened showing the girl wearing her pink crocs wrongly, but beautifully. She was clutching her water bottle.

watch the video below:

Reactions from TikTok users

@abby said:

"The reversed shoes is a daily occurrence for toddlers."

@Camden250 commented:

"The crocs on the wrong feet omg."

@Jxmeko said:

"Her crocs on the wrong foot."

@SEANNA reacted:

"She is the absolute cutest. I cannot."

@soggycornflakes said: "Now I have baby fever."

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