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Republicans in chaos as Kevin McCarthy loses SECOND ballot for Speaker: GOP refuses to back leader

Audible gasps could be heard in the cavernous House chamber as more than a dozen Republican lawmakers stood in defiance to Kevin McCarthy's bid for the Speakership. Proceedings began with GOP Conference Chair Rep. Elise Stefanik nominating McCarthy, as expected, and Democrats' new No. 3 Pete Aguilar naming the 118th Congress' new Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries. Then, far-right Rep. Paul Gosar stood to nominate GOP Rep. Andy Biggs - one of the original five Republican lawmakers to lead opposition to McCarthy. Over the course of the vote, however - done in alphabetical order - some members threw wild cards into the mix. GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert cast her vote for fellow GOP Rep. Jim Jordan, who himself voted for McCarthy and has said he does not want the job. Freshman Republican Rep. Josh Brecheen cast his vote for Indiana Rep. Jim Banks, last year's Republican Study Committee chairman.

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