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Reckless display of ill-gotten wealth offends sensibility, says Metchie

African Director of the International Association of World Peace Advocates, Ambassador Johnny Chukwudi Metchie, has condemned the way a lot of public officials and other privileged members of the society flout what he described as ill-gotten wealth.

Metchie, who is also Prime Minister of Anambra State Association of Town Unions (ASATU), bared his mind while receiving an honorary doctorate on philanthropic management from Theological University College and Seminary, Abuja – an affiliate of Wayne Park University, California, United States.

The occasion was moderated by the founder of the institution, Dr Victor Aboh.

The proprietor said Metchie, who is equally President General of Umueri community, is being celebrated for his leadership astuteness and numerous philanthropic gestures to the less-privileged

He urged ASATU boss not to relent in his efforts to assist those in need, as according to him, millions are wallowing in ignorance, hunger and diseases while a few, who are abundantly blessed, remain indifferent to the cries of the poor.

In his acceptance speech, the philanthropist said he felt honoured to be recognised by the reputable institution, adding that he was surprised that the little contributions he is making are being recognised.

He noted that the abuse of the rights of the poor by elected officials is criminal.

Metchie described as wicked and condemnable the lust to acquire more wealth in the midst of the poor, destitute and sick

His words: “I am not against the acquisition of wealth. It is the right of every man and woman to acquire wealth and live a good life. What is condemnable is a situation where those in authority divert what is meant to provide the basic needs of the people like electricity, good roads, medicare, affordable housing and quality education.

“Again, even if you acquire wealth legitimately, it is an abuse of the rights of others to embark on the reckless display of affluence in the midst of millions of the poor, destitute, orphans, widow and others in need without assisting them.”

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