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“Please Help Me Check”: Nigerian Man Catches Golden Fish, Seeks Value Before Eating It, Video Goes

He sought help in identifying the fish. Photo Credit: TikTok/@mr_unbreakable_kk Source: UGC

A video showing a golden fish caught by a Nigerian man has stirred reactions on social media.

The man, via his TikTok handle shared a video of the fish still alive and asked viewers to come to his aid.

He said people should help him identify the fish as he doesn't want to eat something that may be of great financial value to him when sold.

His words:

"Abeg make una help me check this fish because me I never see this kind of colour before. Whether na gold fish..

The man recalled the story of a man in Ughelli who caught a fish that would have changed his life, but he ate it.

watch the video below:

Watch here

Social media reactions

user215561070743 said:

"Come north e full here we call it kurongu mugun kifi.even d fish dey do soso challenge."

Pree me said:

"It’s a rare fish, it’s called Corydoras melanotaenia it’s normally found in Columbia. I wonder e con de naija."

Nikky said:

"It's a normal fish but with a different color, have seen and ate such fish countless times."

rachesughdk said:

"Fish when we Dey eat for bayelsa anyhow na common fish for bayelsa very sweet more than the white silver one."

Sharon said:

"No be dah fish wey jang uk and master lee catch for alchemy of souls be this."

eddysteadyfinger said:

"This fish is very common , during raining season, the fish use to cash for fishing net."

Ejima Ifeanyi said:

"If you grew and fish in the village you would know this fish it we call it okpuokpu."

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