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Nigerian celebrities with the most expensive cars. 2023

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1.David ‘Davido’ Adeleke

Davido is a Nigerian musician. He is the son of Adedeji Adeleke, a popular businessman, and Entrepreneur.He is known for living a rich life, acquiring diamond watches, houses, phones, pieces of jewellery, and cars.

Davido car

  • Rolls-Royce Cullinan 2019 valued at N350 million: He became the owner of this beauty in December 2018, when it was sold as a new car off the market. This beauty is an all-terrain SUV that is powered by a 6.75 L twin-turbocharged V12 engine. It symbolizes status and class with whoever it is associated with.

  • Bentley Bentayga valued at N100 million: Davido acquired the Bentley Bentayga in January 2018. This car is a hand-made luxury SUV designed for specific customers of the Bentley Brand. THE Bentley Bentayga is run on a 6.0 L engine.

  • Range Rover Sport valued at N80 million: In December 2016, Davido acquired for himself the 2017 Range Rover Sport. Also hand-made, this SUV (Autobiography trim) can seat up to seven passengers and it runs on a 3.0 L V6 engine, with 340 horsepower.

  • 2016 Mercedes- Benz GLE class 450 valued at N50 million.

  • Porsche 911 Carrera is valued at N35 million.

  • Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon is valued at N30 million.

2.Ayodeji ‘Wizkid’

Popularly known as Wizkid, he is one of the superstars that have emerged out of Nigeria and Africa as a whole. He is not only a Musician but a brand ambassador to many Nigerian brands and International brands, like Sony, Pepsi, Nike, etc. From the money, he gets from his career and his many brand affiliations, he has the means to buy the type of cars he desires. He is the owner of ;

Wizkid car

  • Porsche Panamera valued at N60 million: He acquired the Porsche Panamera in 2013. This car offers a front-engine and a rear-wheel drive layout; it runs on a 2.9 L twin turbo V6 engine.

  • Bentley Continental GT Speed Convertible valued at N45 million.

  • Mercedes Benz G63 AMG is valued at N65 million.

  • BMW X6 Crossover valued at N12 million.

  • Porsche Cayenne is valued at N18 million.

  • 2012 Mercedes-Benz Kompressor valued at N9 million.

  • A Lamborghini Urus valued at over N101 million: It is the first SUV in the world to have the functionalities of a super sports car and an SUV. It is run on a 4.0 L twin turbo V8 engine. The luxury accelerates from 0 to 62 mph in 3.6 seconds and reaches a speed of 190 mph.


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3.James ‘Jim Iyke’ Ikechukwu Esomugha

He is a popular Nollywood actor that has worked in the Nigerian film industry for over a decade, since 2001.

Some of his personally owned luxury cars are:

Jim lyke cars

  • Mercedes G-Wagon valued at N49.6 million: This car runs on a twin 4.0 L turbo premium unleaded V-8. It also features a 9-speed automatic transmission, a permanent all-wheel drive, double-wishbone front/rigid axle rear suspension, and more.

  • Range Rover sport valued at N26.2 million.

  • A 2013 Chevrolet Camaro valued at N11.2 million.

  • A dodge challenger valued at N12 million.

4.Obafemi ‘Obagoal’ Martins

He is a footballer that currently plays as a Forward for a Chinese football club called Wuhan Zali. He has been playing professionally since 1999 and has played across 4 different countries- Africa, Europe, Asia, and North America.

Obafemi Martins Cars

  • Lamborghini Aventador valued at N162, 000, 000.

  • Bentley Bentayga valued at N114, 450, 000.

  • Ferrari Spider valued at N110 million.

  • Mercedes Benz SLR Mc Laren costing N367, 964,761.

  • Mercedes Benz G-class costing N112, 542, 500.

5.Peter ‘Peterp square’ Okoye

He was once a member of the twin brother duo called P-square till they went their separate ways in 2016. He started out as a Musician with his twin brother, Paul in 2002, and since they have been active in the music industry. Even after splitting from his twin brother, Peter has no intention of slowing down in copping luxurious cars. Some of his cars are:

Mr. p Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon

  • Land Range Rover valued at about N32.3 million or more. (Peter Okoye owns two of the Land Range Rover).

  • Dodge Challenger valued at N12 million.

  • A white Porsche 718 Cayman valued at N23 million.

  • Mercedes-Benz GL63 AMG; Bentley Mulsanne; BMW X6; Jeep Wrangler.

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