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Nigerian Apple Hawker Allows Customers to Transfer, Charges Them More to Make Quick Profits

A Nigerian apple hawker is making the best use of the situation cash scarcity has presented her as she made option for transfers

In a video, the lady said even though the apple goes for N100 per one for anyone offering cash, those transferring would pay N200.

A customer who was willing to buy five pieces of her goods was told to pay N1000 since he does not have naira notes at hand

Watch the video below:

Watch here

Social media reactions below:

"Smart woman.... make una dey wait for cash from government make all business people no go apply for pos make dey dey use card charge customers."

"Opportunity come but once."

"CBN Governor see weytin you cause o."

"Haaaa this country."

"This my naija na madt cruise abeg

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