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Nigeria’s Most Expensive Secondary Schools and Their Costs

Nigeria's top secondary schools and what they charge Credit: epicurean Source: Getty Images

Private secondary schools in Nigeria are largely owned by individuals, institutions and even foreigners The failure of the school system in Nigeria has given occasion for the increase in private secondary schools Most of the top secondary schools in Nigeria were founded in the early 2000s when it became apparent that the government had failed.

Below are the most expensive secondary schools in Nigeria.

American International School, Lagos:

They were founded in 1964 for preschoolers, and up to grade 12, students from the school graduate with a United States diploma with the option of earning an International Baccalaureate diploma.

The student population vary from India, the UK, Canada, South Africa, Israel and Nigeria.

Tuition fee costs about $28,049 for Middle School and $32,165 for High School.

British International School

The school is a multi-national and co-educational offering the British curriculum system to students ages 11 to 18.

It charges around N6.1 million for students and N8.1 million for boarding.

Lekki British International School:

Established in September 2000 in Lekki Phase 1, the school sits on 25 acres with a campus offering preschool, Junior High and High school and also has a boarding school.

The tuition at Lekki British International School is about N4.6 million per annum for day students and N6.8 million for boarders.

Grange School:

In 1958, some British expatriates established schools to offer education at par with the ones in the UK.

It is a non-profit, co-educational, independent day school following the English National Curriculum.

Tuition fees at the school stand at 4.5 million for day students and N6.5 million for boarders

Day Waterman College

The school was established in 2008 and is located in Asu Village in Abeokuta, Ogun State. It sits on 35 hectares of land with about 5oo students. Tuition fees at the school stand at N5.3 million per session, and fully a boarding school.

Meadow Hall School, Lagos

Meadow Hall School is one of the schools founded in the early 2000s and is located in Lekki II. It is co-educational and uses an integrated curriculum, combining the Nigerian and British curricula

Tuition fees at Meadow Hall School are about N3.2 million for day students and N5 million for boarding.

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