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Nigeria Missing in Top 10 African Countries With Best Electricity Access

Nigeria's poor electricity supply has put it behind seemingly smaller countries with less Gross Domestic Product {GDP) in Africa.

Electricity supply remains the fulcrum of national development in any country and many African countries are lacking in providing this basic and all-important amenity for their teeming population

All across the continent, billions of people live in darkness or have epileptic power supply and are unable to get access to electricity for household use.

How much is needed for electrify in Africa

Some countries on the continent are trying to mitigate poor electricity supply and have shown promise.

Tracking SDG7, in its energy progress report, said the global dashboard dedicated to registering progress on energy across Africa and elsewhere is part of the targets for the Sustainable Development Goal 7.

SDG7 dashboard and the glaring statistics

The dashboard is a collaborative initiative by the International Energy Agency (IEA), the United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD), the World Bank and other partners.

The dashboard was last updated in 2019.

Therefore, the report is based on 2019 statistics.

See the list below.

. Egypt: 100% energy access.

. Algeria: 100% energy access.

. Morocco: 100% energy access.

. Tunisia: 100% energy access.

. Gabon: 91% energy access. South

. Africa: 85% energy access. Ghana:

. 84% energy access. Botswana:

. 70% energy access. Kenya: 70%

. energy access. Libya: 69% energy access.

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