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“Na Money Be Fine Bobo”: Carter Efe’s Girlfriend Confirms Her Boyfriend Is Not Handsome

Carter Efe's girlfriend agrees that comedian is ugly Credit: @carterefe Source: Instagram

. Ella shared some throwback funny pictures and videos of the Instagram creator to back up her point

. The video shared by Ella circulated the internet with netizens offering different hilarious reasons as to why Ella made the clip

. Online skit maker Carter Efe’s girlfriend Ella has gone on to tell the public what she thinks of her boyfriend outer looks

Carter Efe’s girlfriend Ella, who continues to love up with her man, recently shared a video that sparked reactions among netizens.

The skit maker’s Hunny Bunny posted a video of Carter while she indicated that "he wasn’t even handsome."

See the video shared by Carter Efe’s girlfriend

Netizens react to the video shared by Carter Efe’s girlfriend


"She dey after him money abi which one?"


"Honest girl.

" a.dunola:

"His not fine but his pocket is fine.... Equation balance."


"Early morning Cloutarians."


"The girl won low-key look like Tems."


"This life in anything you do just try have money e get why.‍♂️"


"Girls don't care about your look if your pocket is full."


"Na inside play we dey know truth!"


"Breakfast is coming on thy way."

Comedian Carter Efe blows hot, compares himself to Far From Home actor

Popular Nigerian comedian, Carter Efe, made the news after he reacted to the appearance of one of the characters from the Netflix series, Far From Home, named Reggie.

In the hilarious clip, Carter shouted at the top of his voice as he asked netizens if Reggie was as fine as he is.

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