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"Mowgli": Baby Brought Up in Midst of 5 Dogs Behaves Like Them, Crawls With Hands And Legs in Viral

The baby has been likened to Mowgli in the Legend of the Jungle. Photo credit: TikTok/@von.jakoba. Source: UGC

. small baby who was raised in the midst of 5 giant dogs found herself behaving like the adorable pets and trying their food

. The baby's parent posted the video of the child on TikTok and compared her to Mowgli in the Legend of the Jungle

. Many TikTok users have been stunned by the video which currently has 2.9 million views and 541.9k likes

An adorable baby girl who was raised in the midst of 5 pet dogs now has some dog-like behaviours.

A video showing the girl's behaviours was posted on TikTok by @von.jakoba who compared her to Mowgli in the Legend of the Jungle movie.

The clip opened with the baby being attended to and petted by the dogs when she was smaller.

Video of baby born in the midst of dogs goes viral

In the next scene, she sat holding the dog water bowl and had her left hand inside it as if she wanted to take a drink.

Again, the baby crawled on all fours with her posture looking like that of a dog. Instead of her hands, she used her mouth to grab her toy like a dog would do.

In the last scene of the video, she crawled on all fours and met a black dog right inside a small river.

Apart from her dog-like instincts, the baby also tried dog foods in the video which currently has 2.9 million views.

Watch the video below:

TIkTok users react

@Shep said:

"The only baby that can actually say they was raised by wolves."

@Allison Bruveris commented:

"She will have a great immune system! I think it's awesome!"

@Sarah Nichole said:

"We have four dogs and she’s started responding to the commands we give the dogs."

@Theresabbbb reacted:

"Howwww do I love this more than once!!! You're amazing!"

Man walks in the streets with baby on his back

In a related story, Youth Hekima reported that a man appeared in the streets with a baby firmly strapped on his back.

The man also spotted high heels, a black handbag and dangling earrings like a woman.

Apart form his female accessories, the man chewed gum and behaved like a mother.

People in the streets minded their business and did not seem to have noticed the strange fellow.

Source: Youth Hekima

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