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Many Dogs Surround Lady as She Visits Friend for the First Time, Her Reaction Causes a Stir, Video G

She was first scared of the dogs. Photo Credit: TikTok/@fadelosky Source: UGC

. A video of a lady having a nice time with the many dogs at the abode of a friend she visited for the first time has generated reactions

. The owner of the dogs revealed that the lady was apprehensive about entering the compound at first as she requested that the pets be locked up

. However, the once apprehensive visitor requested to take pictures and make a video with the domestic animals

A Nigerian man has shown how a lady was treated by his many dogs on her first visit to his place.

Narrating what transpired, he said that Lucy was apprehensive about entering the compound with the dogs being on loose and wanted them to be locked up.

In a video he shared, the dogs of huskies and cane corso breeds surrounded her as she calmly held up a piece of edible in the air out of their reach.

Watch the video below:

Social media reactions

Promise said:

"I hope you now know that dogs eat human beings go and check and know the truth."

kingpellz said:

"She is brave some guys go don faint."

Ak said:

"Na your you dey oooo....cuz no man will come to ask you for marriage.....with this tight security."

"It can never be me I swear because that's when village people will come to work."

Lonely gal said:

"If na me I for don faint like four times."

Akmoney said:

"They are very mannered dogs and her energy was super cool."

"If I pass 50 mile close to that house make I bend."

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