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Man Disappoints Many in Video after Lady Told Him to Meet Her in Room 404

His next line of action did not come as a surprise to some people. Photo Credit: TikTok/(@djplaybobo_) Source: UGC

. A pretty Nigerian lady pulled a stunt on a man by subtly informing him that she wants to sleep with him

. She boldly walked up to him where he sat and handed him a note that clearly directed him to meet her in a hotel room

. What the man did next sent social media into a frenzy and left a section of netizens quite disappointed

A Nigerian man left people disappointed following his response to a stranger's request to get down with him.

In a TikTok video, a lady out of the blues approached him where he sat and handed him a note without a word.

The note reads:

"Am horny please meet me in Room 404."

Mixed reactions have trailed the clip which has hit over 2 million views.

Watch the video below:

Social media reactions

"One Man down.... We need replacement as a matter of urgency."

"I could have done exactly the same, never try us aalaah."

"Pls we need an immediate search response team for we just lost one of our men. "

Pajerry said:

"The girl is too beautiful for the temptation, God will not allow temptation we can't overcome to come closer to us."

Nana said:

"He failed the brotherhood."

Chris Ug said:

"The day you comot eye 4 da tin is the day your name go become wisdom."

"Rip for one of our innocent brother we loved you but GOD know the best."

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