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“Lekki Don Do Pass Pablo Escobar”: Comedian Mr Hyenana complains Over Expensive Malaria Tablets

Updated: 6 days ago

Comedian Mr Hyenana warns Lekki residents against falling sick Photo credit: @mr_hyenana Source: Instagram

Popular skit maker, Mr Hyenana has expressed resentment over the exorbitant price he paid in Lekki for malaria treatment

The Instagram creator pleaded with Lekki's

residents not to get ill this period, as it appeared that staying healthy would require a lot of money

The comedian's comment section got flooded with similar experiences from Nigerians, most people had a story to tell about the high cost of living in Lekki.

Sensational online comedian, Adebamiro Adeyanju, popularly known as Mr Hyenana, is back again with another rant video about Lekki. in this viral video, the comic creator pleaded with Lagosians to avoid the highbrow neighborhood this holiday season.

In an Instagram video posted on his official page, the skit maker complained over the outrageous cost of things in Lekki, especially that of medical tablets

In his words,

he said: “The way this country is going now please avoid Lekki. Ordinary cough and catarrh i got to treat small malaria they are telling me N58,000. It is not that the malaria will even kill me. After buying this now I Dey feel like dr*g dealer because how much is Pablo Escobar selling dr*gs?"

See Mr Hyenana's video post below:

Nigerians react over Mr Hyenana’s video:


"One day I finish event for island I con get sore throat na so I enter one store for admiralty way… I say just give me anything for sore throat…. Next thing I hear, my bill was 13k!!!! for that Lekki."


"Lori kini that’s too much now. I get same cold and carta and all that I bought was 5k like, okay."


"I wanted to buy pain reliever few months ago in a store at Lekki the lady said a card is N1,500.00 ..... I asked her again, are sure?"

"Na the same thing I complain for one store and my bill was 3k o. 58k too much abi you bought the attendant too without knowing ni. You sef see packaging wey dem give you."


"See bro you should leave Lekki and stop stressing us about Lekki. Some go come here tell us japa yo UK na the wrong thing to do and you wey dey naija still dey pressurize us thinking we are close to UK."


"Imedeen for cough and catarrh?? Is okay. After spending the 58k , you will go back and buy the proper thing because you cannot get well with those ."


"But when you're doing Dorime in the club, you won't say it is ordinary wine or hacuhol oooo!!! Isi-ewu one plate na like 10k... Okay o."


"Bro I don buy dr*gs 130k before when they gave me bill I swear I go still get the receipt for house Lagos life na suffering and smiling."


"Bros tell dem to give u the cheapest one"

Comedian Mr Hyenana Blows Hot Over Water Corporation Bill

Comedian Mr Hyenana took to social media with another rant video about the living expenses in the Lekki environs of Lagos.

In a video shared on his Instagram page, the humour merchant lamented over a staggering bill of 200k he was asked to pay by the water corporation.

A displeased Hyenana noted that the bill amounted to over N2 million annually as he frowned at the development.

Source: Youth Hekima

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