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How To Recession Proof Yourself : Intentional Habits For A Successful Lifestyle

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

Pull your chairs closer, I have a secret to share with you all.

Since I started my journey as a young man, one of the finest hacks I've belted is crushing lifestyle inflation.

At every level of my life, I've always lived below my means. It has influenced everything I did, from the people I've dated to the circle I've kept.

This is most often the undoing of many men and women.

I've never hawked my singlehood to anyone especially to those who are silhouettes of liabilities -whose social antenna wants to ALWAYS turn up at the expense of your pockets. Call me "broke" but my bank account disagrees I've steered clear of debt because what I cannot afford X10, I do not purchase.

I will State this categorically because the core enemy of a hustling man is lifestyle inflation.

This is the undoing of many men. I've never kept friends whose second apartment is the club.

My circle has always been obsessed with living below your means, investments, a life of peace.

Always been deliberate. Men and women need to learn to track how every bit of money gets in and leaves - this doesn't make you a stingy person. This makes you a conscious person.

You're making 6 figures but you're still living hand to mouth while someone making less has more than 40% to save every month. You've only just started stacking your coins, why are you moving to the richest part of the city? Why are you pressured to hire a househelp?

You've just relocated. Why are you desperate to wear designers?

You cannot "I can't kill my self" out of debt and into financial freedom. You can't get out of debt while keeping the same lifestyle that got you there.

There are affordable brands of shoes, clothes, watches.

Starting out? There are more affordable cars.

Why are your lifestyle competing with someone who's 2 decades into the grind.

Money doesn't buy class. If you have to spend more to exude class - you probably didn't have class from the beginning to start with. I've seen people kill outfits on a budget of 100$ and look 10X better than some who splashed $1K on a dinner outfit.

When you get a raise of start earning more, the goal shouldn't be to spend more.

The goal is to earn more for a long time while maintaining the same lifestyle.

It is hard but easier with the right environment, around the right people - away from pressure. Lifestyle inflation is a big barrier to saving and investing.

Sanitize your circle and get a budget. A budget isn't restrictive. A budget actually gives you the permission to spend. Anything that didn't make it into the budget at the beginning of the month doesn't get a slice of your pay.

Be intentional.

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