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How to plant and maintain a maize crop.

Maize is a versa-tiles crop,growing across a range of agro-ecological-Zones.

First,after cleaning the land,A farmer will plant the maize on a deep soils containing adequate Organic matter and well supplied with

available nutrient’s.

The time of planting is a Very Critical step in planting of maize should be done within the first,two weeks of the onset of rains.production.

Early planted maize allows the

germinating seed to benefit from warn soil temperature and keeps it away

Form insect. pests and disease.

After planting of maize it usually y takes three month period of time to yield its foodorenize needs optimums,moisture conditions at the time of planting.

The stage of maize weed competition in the life

of a maize plant is during the first four to size weeks after Emergency of the crop.

Then during the growing plant a crop relation

is highly recommended to reduce,build up of maize diseases and insect pests.

for a farmer maize, to germinate a good

Crop,it needs to take very good care of, and also take control of pest and disease that which are responsible for the low maize yield. maize is a good crop which brings out food

that gives us carbohydrate in Six classes of food. it also for provide us with Energy.

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