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Are There Benefits Of Social Media Marketing? Here Are Advantages Of Digital Marketing Campaigns

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

If your income has remained flat for years or has not been growing over the years, then this is for you.

Our social media marketing strategy is purposely created to boost your business and draw useful customers to you. We are research based social media marketers keeping up to date with the changes in this industry.

Our Services include:

⦁ Manage Social Media marketing campaigns to grow company followers on social media.

⦁ Develop well created content topics to reach the company’s targeted customers.

⦁ Create or curate campaign images, videos, writings and manage all published contents.

⦁ Follow and monitor, listen and respond to fans in a smart “social” way to ensure consistent leads and sales.

⦁ Create and expand community, centered on the ideals of the company to have more positive influence on the potential customers.

⦁ Ensure the company maintains a highly reputable online reviews by monitoring and responding to reviews professionally.

⦁ Analyse and measure Returns On Investment (ROI). This is done by determining Key Performance Indicators (KPI):

⦁ Audience Growth

⦁ Audience Profile

⦁ Audience Engagement

⦁ Content Reach

⦁ Engagement by Content Type

⦁ Leads

⦁ Respond Rate and Quality

⦁ Negative Feedback

⦁ Compile reports for the company’s management showing results every 1-3 months.

⦁ Study and optimise (SEO) the company’s website to receive high ranking on most popular search engines like: Google, Bing etc.

⦁ Draw effective marking strategy for the company.

⦁ Become the company’s Social Media advocacy intended to bring more revenue for the company.

⦁ Conduct proper research about the company and the competitors to ensure better Social Media Strategies the generate more positive outcomes.

⦁ Ensure fans are turned into customers without appearing pushy.

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