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how to find screen records For iPhones

These are things you will do to find your screen record on your iPhone.

1. Go directly to your iPhone settings.

2. Click on Control Centre

When you click the Control Centre you will see where is write Acess Within App. All you have to do is scroll down to your iPhone and see.

(i) Included Controls.

Includes Controls is the app that will show on to rearrange tiles on your top iPhone. you will see it on your iPhone like this Apathy Camera if you click the Apathy just know that it will not show on your top iPhone rearrange tiles. You can also check How to Screenshots with 3 hands And How to set your phone to be using 3 fingers to answer call &📱📹

Then another one is More Controls.

(ii) More Controls

More Controls is the app that does not show on your iPhone to rearrange tiles. when you click the app that down on more controls you will see plus Alarm, code scanner, phone records, etc. All you have to do is click plus phone records and it will appear on your iPhone rearrange tiles.


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