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How Nigerian A-list music artists show up for shows in multimillion naira outfits

There was a time when luxury lifestyle which included expensive clothing and items, condos and fast cars were strictly attributes of successful American artists and sport personalities. Today, we now have the opportunity to see our very own Nigerian artists do the same and even more.

According to Luxury fashion brand, T20 Luxury owned by a Nigerian, Olajide Tope, Nigerian A-listers are not only matching their Western and American counterparts in music production and sharing world’s musical charts but they are also holding their own when it comes to luxury lifestyle.

A-listers like Burna Boy, Wizkid and Davido have been holding it down and making great statements across the world with their music and luxurious lifestyle.

Using the trio as a good example, T20 Luxury fashion brand on their Instagram page made an estimation of what each was worth at a particular time while showing up for a show.

Mega superstar, Wizkid’s look for his homecoming concert in Lagos in December was said to be worth N265, 844,000. His Richard Mille Rose Gold watch alone was worth more than N250,000000 (250 million naira)

Burna boy’s drip at the Olympic Stadium, London in preparation for his first ever record breaking stadium performance in 2023 was worth N234,982,000.

Davido’s dressing to a particular event was said to be worth N681,260, 000.

“We do not just come up with figures to create attention. That’s the official prices from LV USA. Our prices are even cheaper because most luxury items are cheaper in Europe than in the US,” says T20 CEO.

Funke Akindele’s ‘Battle on Buka Streets’ grosses $60,000 in US

Funke Akindele’s Battle On Buka Street opens impressively in the US and UK, grossing over $60,000 in the US from 11 locations only.

FilmOne Entertainment (Nigeria) and Part Two Media (USA), with the support of Amplify Africa, released “Battle on Buka Street” on 30 December in only 11 Regal Cinemas which resulted in sell-outs across the country. It’s the first-ever Indigenous Nollywood release in the United States. Over the 4-day New Year weekend the film went on to gross $61,000.

Regal has added another 11 locations in the 2nd week due to strong demand and sell-out shows. Craig Shurn, of Part Two Media, said “we always knew that ‘Battle on Buka Street’ had the potential to do well in the US especially after its blockbuster results and status in Nigeria, but we never expected these sorts of figures for the first Nollywood release here. Full credit to the star, director and producer, Funke Akindele, who worked her magic to her 15 million+ Instagram followers. The US-African diaspora have been underserved and starved of true African content, especially theatrically, for the longest time, and it is an honor to have brought ‘Battle on Buka Street’ to them eventually. It’s a great start, and it’s exciting what the future holds. Next up is Toyin Abraham’s ‘Ijakumo: Born Again Stripper’ which is coming 13th January.”

Moses Babatope and Kene Okwuosa, from FilmOne Entertainment added that “with the strong showing of ‘Battle on Buka Street,’ Nigerian films have come full circle, and are gaining more attention from international audiences. As the first indigenous Nollywood release in the US, this film is performing beyond expectation and is an indication of what we should look forward to this year for global releases of films from Nigeria. In a few months and years, we expect that Nollywood releases will be a consistent feature in cinemas in the US, Europe and beyond.”

FilmOne and Regal Cinemas announced the US and UK release of “Battle on Buka Street,” last December, to be followed by Toyin Abraham’s “Ijakumo: Born Again Stripper,” set for release on January 13.

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