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“God Showed Up for Her”: Luck Finally Smiles on Girl Who Uses Her Break Time to Read,

God is changing the fortune of a little girl, Semilore, who always uses her break time to focus on her books

The girl who is an orphan was filmed by her teacher in Ibadan and her story was shared on Tiktok

After many people's hearts got touched by her story, two abroad based people showed interest to help as others sent her money for school supplies

watch the video below

Watch here

Social media reactions

"I want to help and am in Russia how can I send it."

"May the lord be with you. Your mom is no more but she will forever be with you."

Neeks said:

"I'm in America..I will figure out away to help. School supplies everything I'll share this video

Seven said:

"Sent the little I can. May God bless her."

Queen Ajuma said:

"Her handwriting fine pass my own wey dey university."

"May God protect this child nd see her through."

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