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The Science Of Getting Rich Principles In Australia: Get Rich Stay Rich Principles

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

After a careful research about the rich, we discovered three wealth triangles to help you become financially free.

a. High Income Skill: Mastering a high income skill is very crucial to making money. Youth Hekima believes this skill has the potential to make you over $100,000 yearly. It involves selling your time for money. You could be a consultant, a writer, a flipper etc. You must be very good at this. Continuous training and practices is required to acquire and master this skill. Before choosing a particular skill, think about how the marketplace place perceives the skill. High income skill provides stability and comfort.

b. Scalable Business: Having a business is one thing being able to scale up requires some intelligent decisions. This business should be able to grow without having to hire heaps of employees or investing too much resources. System is required to make you money here. You must learn how to leverage at this stage. System leverage precisely is needed at this stage.

c. High Return Investment: It brings you high returns timelessly without you getting involved. Here money makes you money. You will require a good coach to successfully invest your money. To avoid unnecessary mistakes, losing your money.

To master these three patterns of Wealth Triangles work one on one with our Business Coach.

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