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It’s years after the great lockdown – the year of no outing – and one would think we would have gotten enough of Nigerians’ fashion. (plays Lorred NEVER ENOUGH)

Nigerians have always been known for making statements with their fashion, maybe even shaking tables. Whether it’s the skull cap that was revived from the 60s or the palazzo trousers, it’s needless to say they have absolutely hacked this fashion thing.

Despite half of the country getting married in 2022 and the other half completely engrossed in the World Cup and EPL, fashion statements were still made.

Here are seven fashion trends in Nigeria that topped the grid in 2022, in no specific order:

Crochet: One would have thought crochets were for grannies and new forms but we now have a crochet of every wear for every age group. They come in blouses, beanies, cardigans, skirts, bikinis, shorts, dresses, shoes.

With the comfortable and easy to wash material, there is something for everyone. There are bikinis, crop blouses, short skirts etc for the dry season and beanies, cardigans for the rainy season.

Popular Nigerian creative writer, Ope Adedeji’s handmade crochet wedding dress was the highlight of the 2022 crotchet story.

Crocs: This crocodile-like fancy footwear has become popular. Crocs has grown from just another footwear that topped the charts, into a movement. This growth isn’t completely surprising; it’s a unicorn footwear giving comfort, confidence and cool energy.

Adeoluwa Enioluwa

Either the popular beauty ambassador, Enioluwa Adeoluwa changed the Crocs game in Nigeria with the ambassadorship deal or Crocs changed his; it is evident that something changed for both in 2022.

Corsets: We couldn’t get fashion designers to stop making corsets. It’s like the more they sewed these corset dresses and blouses, the more they had to sew.


Nigeria ladies had a year of their life with the hourglass fitting that comes with confidence. It was beautiful to see owambe pages swamped with corsets.

Press-on Nails: These saved many lives this past year, though maybe not literally.


With so many weddings in 2022, you can imagine how many ladies escaped the stress of visiting the salon every time an invitation popped.

Raisin rings

If there is an accessory to appreciate for doing justice to 2022, it is these non-tarnish beauties.

Jewelry stores stocked up raisin rings. And there is no doubt they are absolute delights.

Beads: The world is either upside down or we are living backwards. That is the only thing that can explain the bead rave among Nigerian grownups. Looks like we are not leaving the hair beads to the pre-teens anymore.


You think braids are beautiful? Then, you need to try braids and beads.

Berets: Gone are the days when young people couldn’t wait to leave secondary school and dump berets.

What is a beret content in Nigeria without Mercy Chinwo? The popular gospel artist is at the center of the new beret rave.

Mercy Chinwo

The plot is being woven again and with this new look, it looks like these berets are going to be around for sometime.

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