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CSOs picket offices as banks beam searchlight on branch managers

ple queue to withdraw new Naira notes from ATM – In October 2022 the Nigerian government announced without warning to change the banknotes (including their color), and decided that the old notes would no longer be valid on January 31.<br />A few days before the fateful date, very few banks were distributing the new banknotes, leaving Nigerians, the majority of whom live in poverty and depend on the informal economy, without cash, and therefore without money. (Photo by Audu MARTE / AFP)

• FG concerned, naira swap is necessary ‘pain’ for Nigeria’s economy, says Minister

• Tellers sell cash to retail customers, PoS operators

• CBN warns against abuse, tightens noose on cash operations

• Pay new notes over the counter, regulator directs

• Extra security presence at CBN, NNPC headquarters

• Protests in Lagos over new naira notes at banks’ head offices

• CHRICED: Nigerians queuing to get cash, PVCs depressing

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