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Cities In Nigeria Has The Best and most expensive Cars

In this article, we take you through Nigerian cities where you can feed your eyes on the best cars.


Lagos state is the heart of Nigeria’s commerce, so there’s the certainty to discover different exciting things. One of those things is cars. For the most part, shipping of automobile vehicles to various parts of the country starts in Lagos. So, there’s no telling that all the best cars make their first appearance in this city.

In Lagos, you’ll find the wealthy of various classes—politicians, celebrities, business tycoons, and expatriates working in the country. Their wealth is evident in the rides you see them in.


Abuja is the Federal capital of Nigeria and also tops the list of cities with the best cars. Aside from Lagos, this is another city where the presence of affluence greets you in many cars you see.

Abuja is also home to the majority of the wealthy in Nigeria. This class includes top politicians, celebrities, and top business owners. Abuja is where you’ll find wealthy people flaunt their cars like Senator Dino Melaye and his fleet of exotic cars.


The exciting thing about Kaduna is that most people who haven’t been to Northern Nigeria underestimate what they’ll find. Although you’ll find a lot of food in Northern Nigeria, exotic cars are top on the list too.


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Kaduna is one Northern city where you’ll find exotic cars. If you’ve never been to Kaduna, you might not realize this. But, it’s another location with the best cars, and top politicians and business owners do not just own them. You’ll encounter individuals living in this part of the country riding their exclusive whips.


Asaba is one of the top cities in South-South Nigeria. On its own, Asaba is filled with wealthy Nigerians of different classes with their beautiful fleets. Most people do not realize this initially, but the moment you enter Asaba, you’ll start taking note of the beautiful cars.

Unlike Lagos, where owners limit car usage due to traffic, in Asaba, just like in Abuja, you’ll lose count of the exotic cars you’ll find on the road.

Port Harcourt

We cannot talk about Nigerian cities with the best cars without mentioning Port Harcourt. If there’s one thing Port Harcourt is known for, it’s home to those in the oil industry. So, while in Port Harcourt, you’ll find oil and gas CEOs, MDs, Engineers, and Business tycoons driving around in their exotic rides.


Anambra is a state in Eastern Nigeria with several thriving towns like Awka, Onitsha, Nnewi, Nkpor, and more. These are where you’ll find many Igbo and non-Igbo men flaunting their rides.


Kano is another Northern Nigeria where you’ll find the best kinds of cars. If you’ve ever wanted to experience Northerners flaunt wealth, you’ll find that in Kano. The fleet of cars owned by the Emir of Kano alone makes it part of the list.

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