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Best Way To Change Password and Incorrect Password On Gmail.

These Are The Best Way To Change Password and Incorrect Password On Gmail.

1. What you have to do is go directly and Click on your Gmail.

2. When you touch your Gmail you will see three audit line icons in black just press on it and see the next. Read also how to set Android phone to dark mood.

3. When I said you will see the next. I mean setting all you need to do is click it.


on your General Settings and touch the gmail you you changing you will see Manage your Google Account just click on it.

5. When you click the Manage your Google Account you will see the place they write_ Home Personal information and Data and Privacy etc.

click the Personal Information and scroll down you will see Password all you have to do is click on it.

6. The next thing you will see is enter your password or forgot password. that's the place you will change your password. You will like to know how to find screen records For iPhones.

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