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Aussie expert reveals the very common cleaning buy you should never put on your toilet. Ever.

‘Lots of people don’t realise that.’

An Aussie ‘loo expert’ has revealed the very common cleaning product that you should never use on your toilet.

Sharing on a popular Facebook group, the expert - who works at a Reece showroom - said that bleach can “ruin” many toilet seats, leaving irreparable yellow stains.

She made the comments in response to a Facebook user’s plea for help after bleach and anti-bacteria spray left yellow marks on her seat.

The expert said using bleach on your toilet seat was common mistake that many people didn’t know about.

“I work for Reece in the showroom. Your toilet is one of our brands... a very pricey European toilet at that,” she wrote on the Mums Who Clean Facebook page.

“Unfortunately, you have ruined the seat with bleach.

A home owner shared this image to show how bleach had damaged her toilet seat. Credit: Mums Who Clean/Facebook


“I’m going to get some hate for this, but you’re not meant to use bleach to clean your toilet!

“All new toilet pans have an antibacterial coating on them, the bleach ruins it.

"And you need to make your toilet to be clean because of dirty.

“As for the seat, the material has now been compromised and once the air hits it after cleaning with bleach, it reacts and turns yellow.

“You are best to replace the seat, head to your closest Reece store equipped with photos.”

The expert went on to recommend that bleach shouldn’t be avoided in other areas of your bathroom as well.

“Sorry to say ... but bleach should not be used on anything in the bathroom,” she added.

The expert said bleach can cause yellow stains on some toilet seats. Credit: Mums Who Clean/Facebook


The Reece worker’s information attracted a huge response on the post, with many blown away by the “amazing advice”.

“Wow, I did not know this!” said one.

Another wrote: “How insightful!”

A third wrote: “Our toilets are expensive ones from Reece too and are yellowed like this. I had no idea why.”

“I wish I knew this because I’ve done the same to my toilet,” wrote one.

One more said: “I’m a professional cleaner and I agree with everything you said. Bleach is a terrible product for most household cleaning maintenance.”

Others said they found out not to use bleach on their toilet seats the hard way.

Added another: “I found this out a few years ago after it was much too late . And I learnt a lesson the hard way.”

A third responded: “I did this to my previous toilet seat and tried to avoid it happening again, but one of the products I used must have snuck in some bleach.

“I just live with it now, knowing it’s not wee stain!”

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