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Atiku is having a press conference today addressing claims about Tinubu's false certificate

The Nigeria formal Vice President Atiku Abubakar today "Oct 5 2023" is hosting a news event due to allegations about Tinubu's phony certificate.

Dele Momodu, a spokesperson for the PDP's presidential candidate in the previous election, shared this on Twitter.

Momodu enthusiastically announced that the conference will be broadcasted on his social media channels and will grab the attention of global and local media outlets for a live coverage extravaganza!

The details of Atiku's press conference agenda remain a mystery, but all signs point to a connection with the ongoing legal battle over President Tinubu's purported fake certificate. The clash between the President and his political rival, Atiku, adds an intriguing layer to this unfolding story.

After it was announced that the APC candidate won the presidential election on February 2023 Atiku headede to Presidential election petition Court (PEPC) challenging Tinubu's Victory ,in its judgment in September the court dismissed the former vice president's claims and upheld Tinubu's election victory.

The tribunal also dismissed atiku's petitions against Tinubu revolved around the accusation that the President forged his Chicago State University certificate.

Following the tribunal's judgment, Atiku pursued his case in a US court, aiming to obtain official documents to substantiate his allegations against Tinubu.

Concurrently, he took the matter to the Supreme Court in a final bid for a ruling regarding the February presidential election.

The heated legal dispute over academic records from Chicago State University between Atiku and Tinubu has dominated Nigerian headlines in recent days, sparking intense public interest.

Despite the issue dominating headlines and trending on social media, Atiku has remained notably quiet during this period.

However, Nigerians watched and waited, eager to witness how this unfolding drama would impact the nation's future. The story was far from over, and the echoes of Atiku's revelations would resonate across the nation, sparking debates and potentially influencing the direction of Nigerian politic.

with the anticipation of his upcoming world press conference scheduled for today, Nigerians are eagerly awaiting Atiku's statements and insights on this matter.

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