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A Young guy Blord (Linus Williams) Net Worth, Cars, Biography, House

there is old and new money. While both types of Money owners have wealth as a common factor, what distinguishes their wealth is the source. Old money is usually generational wealth and wealth acquired through traditional business means.

New money in Nigeria is mostly dominated by those who acquired wealth through modern means such as technology and the tech boom currently going on.

Blord (Linus Williams)

Real name Linus Williams Ifejika

Date of Birth 3 March 1998

Country of Origin Nigerian

Source of Wealth Cryptocurrency trader, Entrepreneur, Businessman

Net worth $5 million

Wife Linus Francisca

​ Organization B-lord Group of Company

Linus Ifejika Williams fits perfectly into this description. He’s one of those wealthy Nigerians whose wealth has majorly flowed through the tech boom currently taking Nigeria and the world by storm.

important details of the young and wealthy Nigerian, Blord, his net worth, cars, biography and house.

Blord’s Biography

Blord’s Biography

The Bitcoin lord Linus Williams Ifejika was born on the 14th of March 1998 in Umuji Ebenebe, Awka North local government, Anambra state. Of the seven children of his family, Linus happens to be the first son of the family.

according to a post he shared on his Instagram, B-lord left his parent’s house at age 17 to pursue his dreams, became a millionaire at age 20, got married at age 21 and had his first child at age 22.

Blord’s Entrepreneurship Career

Blord’s Entrepreneurship Career

If there’s ever a list of young entrepreneurs setting the pace in Nigeria, Linus Williams Ifejika’s name will be boldly written on it. His entrepreneurial spirit, pursuit and accomplishments at a young age are one reason why he has been a sensation, role model and mentor to many young Nigerians.

He is a Bitcoin trader, coach and crypto entrepreneur with his own blockchain business. He owns the cryptocurrency company, B-Lord Group of Company. Other companies he owns include B-lord Bitcoin store, B-Lord gadget store, B-Lord luxury store and B-lord automobiles.

Blord has been working long enough in the cryptocurrency industry and over the years of his operation, he has built and gained a solid reputation for his entrepreneurial skills and an in-depth understanding of the complexities and nuances surrounding the Bitcoin industry.


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2020 Toyota Hilux

The popular Bitcoin trader acquired another car a few months after recovering his car that’s been in EFCC’s possession for months.

The price of the 2020 Hilux is between $47, 300 to $57,200 depending on whether you’re getting the 2.8L Diesel 6 speed automatic or the 2.8L Diesel 6-speed manual. In Naira, this is between ₦25 Million – ₦30

Mercedes GLE 350


One of the cars owned and frequently flaunted by Blord is his luxury Mercedes-Benz GLE 350. The Mercedes-Benz GLE 350, although not the latest version of the company, is still one of its highly regarded cars that cost as much. The price range of the GLE 350 is about 18 to 35 million Naira.

Range Rover SUV

blord gift wife Range Rover SUV

One of the cars acquired by Blord is a white Range Rover SUV he gifted his wife and a black Range Rover SUV he owns himself. The Range Rover SUV is made with an elegant design and sustainable materials. It’s one of the top cars produced by the company.

Lexus ES 350

blord wife posing on his Lexus ES350

One of the cars owned by Blord is the Lexus ES 350 which is one of the cars that was seized but later released by EFCC. The Lexus ES 350 combines the finest striking design with world-class fitted luxury and has the option of all-wheel drive and an exceptionally efficient hybrid powertrain.

Blord’s House

B-lord’s House

As he’s a multi-versatile businessman, one of the areas in business he’s currently growing his fangs is the real estate business. And, for personal reasons, the businessman has focused the majority of his real estate purchases and investments in Awka, Anambra State. While there’s a certainty that he owns a lot of properties. The most known to all is the property purchases after EFCC release in Okpuno Awka, Anambra State.

Blord’s Net Worth

As a business tycoon with several means of income, there’s the certainty that Blord is as rich as it can get. An estimated net worth for Blord is about $5 million.

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