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6 Steps To Reaching Your Goal In Life : How To Motivate Yourself Into Success

Many of us set goals, many pursue their goals, few realise their goals. What are steps needed to realise your goal?

  1. Your dreams are your responsibility.

If you're waiting for somebody to give you permission, or to discover you, or to pick you, l've got news for you:

no one is coming.

2. You need to kick your own ass.

Stop waiting for the perfect time, the perfect plan, or the perfect moment. What you need is to kick your own ass. The universe rewards people who take risks, not those who are playing it safe. So if you want to change your life, YOU need to be the hero of your story.

3. You don't need permission.

You need to take action.

Here's the truth: the people in life that get what they want are the ones that aren't waiting for an external force to validate their dreams, to inspire them, or to give them permission.

It's the people that realize that success, happiness, and control comes from an internal force, which is YOU.

4. If you don't feel ready, do it anyway.

You're never going to feel ready.

You're never going to find the perfect time. You'll always feel nervous right before you start. You won't have all the answers. And yes, you're going to screw up a few times.

Do it anyway.

5. Big changes happen with small daily actions.

Do one thing that moves you in the direction of your dreams:

Make the call.

Sign up for the class.

Send the email.

Quit the job.

Sign the lease.

Take the jump.

Break up, for real this time.

6. If you're outside your comfort zone, you're doing it right. As you start working toward the things that you really want to do, you're not going to feel ready. You're going to feel outside of your comfort zone. And that's normal.

Growing means stretching yourself, sticking your neck out there, and taking some risks.

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