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5 Kinds Of People To Avoid If You Want To Be Rich: Mistakes To Avoid If You Want To Become Rich

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

Show me your friends and I will show you your future. You are what you repeatedly hear, see and do. We humans are creatures of habits. Youth Hekima tells the members, do not make friends with poor people. You cannot but be influenced by the people around you. You need to hang around with people with wealth mindset. People who have learnt and mastered the act of wealth creation.

Poor In The Spirit:

Have you seen people who look hopeless, people who believe you can’t make it in this life. People who do not believe in others. People who discourage you from making the leap of faith. People who are negative minded. Avoid these people because they would keep you stagnant in life.

Poor In Love:

People who do not believe there is something good in humans. They have lost trust because someone hurt them in the past. No smiles no joy always sad. Avoid people like this if you want to be rich.

Poor In Wisdom:

Some people believe they are the architect of knowledge, they know everything, they do not strive to grow. These people are dumb thinking they are smart. We are not talking about school knowledge, it lacks debt, very tasteless. Wisdom tells you when no to do something. People who lack wisdom will lead you astray. These people are not growing in life.

Poor In Character:

People who lack basic good character. They lack integrity. You cannot count on these people. They lie, cheat, they tell you one thing and mean another thing. People who would make an appointment and would not show up without any good reason. These people will waste your time. These are the people to avoid.

Poor In Financial Intelligence:

These are people who do not like the rich, they talk down on the rich, they do not understand investment strategies, they lack the wisdom of making money. They do not understand how to make and manage wealth. Hence they do not have money.

Stay away from these people. Look for people who are assets, people who can add value to your life.

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