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3 Country That Will Pay You To Move There.

These are the 3 country that will pay you to move there.

3. Albinen, Switzerland:

The place they call Albinen, Switzerland decline population They will pay you $25, 000 to move there. And if you're new residence to move there and they will give you $10, 000 per Child but you have to do is to be under 45 years old and maintain residency for 10 years.

2.Sicily, Italy:

Sicily, Italy place also look like decline population because land of residence move big Sicily so increase population government offering new residence run down home for 1 euro, now the due cause is $20,000

1. Antikythera, Greece:

This Antikythera, Greece place has dispenser population moving there will get you land and $600 for 3 years.

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