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2023 Highest Followers On Tiktok

This are Highest Followers On Tiktok..

1. @khaby.lame

Khaby. lame was born on 9 March 2000.Some people may ask where he came from, khaby.lame is from Italian.

He is known as TikTok Celebrity. He is number One highest followers on tiktok. He has more than 154.0 Million followers,78 following And 2.4 Billion likes.

2. @charlidamelio

Charlidamelio was born on 2 May 2004.She is from United States of America.

She known as Social media celebrate and Second highest followers on tiktok.She has over 150.1million followers,1287 thousands following And 11.3 Billion likes.


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3. @tiktok

Tiktok known as China Douyin is a short-form video hosting service. Tiktok come out in 6 September 2016.

Tiktok has more than 63.7million followers, 574following and 287.0millon likes And number Third highest followers on tiktok.

4. @bts_official_bighit

bts_official_bighit also known as the Bangtan Boys, is a South Korean boy band formed in 2010.

bts_official_bighit has more than 56.6million followers, 0 following And 947.8million likes.And number four highest followers in tiktok.

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