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10 Things You Didn't Know About Airplane.

These are the 10 Things You Didn't Know About Airplanes the below:

1. The center of the wing is ideally the center of gravity of the plane for balancing the controls. imagine balancing a long tray with a glass on it on your finger. it's easiest if the glass or downward force balances the upward force from your finger. so if the flights are not full, A flight crew member might ask you to move between these rows to distribute.

2. That's not a secret society symbol. it's a reference mark for the flight crew.

3. If you look more closely you might notice a small triangle over your window.

4. If the plane is forced to land somewhere that you can't use the stairs or the terminal boarding bridge,

5. The load for easier control of the plane which translates to less drag and better fuel efficiency as well.



6. That little stub will guide you safely off the wing without stubbing your toe.

7. The crew will deploy inflatable chutes from the emergency exits. But if you use one of the over-wing exitsexits, you'll have to step out onto a slippery metal surface.

8. There is a triangle at the front or leading edge and the back or trailing edge of each wing.

9. The flange sticking out of the wing.

While you're waiting to leave the gate you're probably staring out the window at the wings that are going to carry you off this earth. On some Aircraft like the A320, you might notice some metal stubs sticking out of the middle of the wing like a sore thumb. No, that's not for lifting the plan. This is part of the evacuation system.

10. The mysterious triangle symbol over your seat.

When you board a modern jet Aircraft you're probably looking for your seat number and the nearest emergency exit.

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